Over the years we have sung in different line-ups and in several formats either in all male Barbershop groups, Female groups or in mixed quartets or choruses.


As individuals or as a group, between the four of us, we are proud to be the holders of the following Barbershop awards ...

1st place Quartet - Leigh Musical Festival 2019 - (Gold Medal)

2nd place British Mixed Quartet 2015 (Silver Medal)

1st Place SABS - Spanish International Quartet Champion 2015 (Gold Medal)

1st Place IABS - Irish Mixed Quartet Champion 2014 (Gold Medal)

1st place Quartet  - Leigh Musical Festival 2014 (Gold Medal)

Winner of "Best Musical Performer" - National Vintage Awards 2014

3rd place Female Quartet 2013 (Bronze Medal)

1st place Sweet Adelines Champion Chorus (Gold Medal)

1st place Quartet - Southend Music Festival 2012 (Gold Medal)

3rd place British Mixed Quartet 2012 (Bronze Medal)

2nd place International Chorus IABS - Irish convention 2011 (Silver Medal)

1st place Quartet - Southend Musical Festival 2010 (Gold Medal)

1st place British Chorus 2006 (Gold Medal)

1st place European Chorus 2005 (Gold Medal)