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Puttin' on the Blitz!

About us

"Puttin' on the Blitz!" Barbershop quartet are Britain's premier 1940s quartet performing all your vintage favourites in four part harmony.

One thing is guaranteed, whatever we sing, we always enjoy it; and that means you'll enjoy it too. All our songs are purely from the heart and purely a cappella. From ballads to comedy numbers, from patriotic to authentic.

The quartet can be used as a walk around act and can perform in military uniform or civilian clothing.

The quartet are also available as a stage act incorporating backing tracks to provide a full length show containing all your 1940s favourites from George Formby to Vera Lynn.

Who we are


Mark Harding


Mark has always had a passion for music and singing, practising tirelessly to build up a most impressive and diverse repertoire, covering several eras of music. 


Mark stands out as a charismatic performer engaging with his audience and creating a fun atmosphere that is enjoyed by all. 


Mark performs with Anne in their duo "Sparky & Sprite" and for him, his enjoyment always comes down to the same elements; putting on the best show ever and people smiling, singing along and dancing.


Anne Jeffery Harding


Anne started singing and performing at the age of 7 and performed with the Welsh National Opera at the age of 15.


She has performed on stage at the New Theatre Oxford on many occasions and is very versatile vocally.

Anne performs with Mark in their duo "Sparky & Sprite" and particularly loves singing show tunes, but enjoys a challenge should you have a song request!

Her repertoire is huge but her personal favourites are Hallelujah, Over The Rainbow, Robot Man and Bobby’s Girl.


Brian Shaw


Brian trained at Vocaltech vocal school in London and then at Central School of Speech and Drama. Brian is an actor by profession and an accomplished singer and entertainer.


He has been proud to receive many awards including "UK Entertainer of the Year" and the "National Vintage Award for Best Musical Performance" as well as international gold and silver medals in mixed quartet.


Brian also performs with Cherie in "Perfect Vintage" and is currently touring throughout the UK as an actor, entertainer and singer.


Cherie Shaw


Cherie was trained by Liz Lincoln, founder of the British Jazz Foundation. Whilst training she performed at the Jermyn Street Theatre in London's West End. She went on to perform with Roy Castle's Born To Perform and toured with "Choirwood". 

Cherie has won international and national gold, silver and bronze medals in mixed quartet and female quartet.

Cherie has performed all over the UK as a vintage singer and also performs with "Perfect Vintage" at major events across the country.

Who we are
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